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The journey for Paramount Creative started over a decade ago with just a small team with a big vision to create outstanding events and design in a way which clients would see growth in their business.

Paramount events division is the host to some of the UK’s largest events, The Scottish Entertainment and Hospitality Awards, The Scottish Italian Awards,  The English Italian Awards and The Confetti Wedding Awards to name a few.

Paramount design division have been trading for over a decade and with over a decade of happy customers. Design is a creative skill in which the team at Paramount have excelled in over the years; the high profile client portfolio is something in which Paramount’s reputation has been built around.

Paramount white label events department is a unique team who will specialise in the running, organising and facilitation of your event. We work with international brands and offer hands on approach in running their UK events.

Paramount Marketing department are forward thinking innovators of the future. 

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